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Deepskin Organics® by MARIA ÅKERBERG
Maria Akerberg Deepskin Organics is a  family owned business and Sweden’s leading brand to professional, natural skincare therapists and providers and an award winning favourite to the Swedish consumer.  Since their start back in 1995, they have been set on making the world a more beautiful place, one natural product at a time.

Maria Akerberg had a vision to capture our natural beauty with pure products that nourish deep within the skin for lasting results. She called it Deepskin Organics® and it embodies a philosophy that guides them in all that they do and it anchors their brand promise.

Products from MARIA ÅKERBERG Deepskin Organics are produced in the Swedish Countryside with pure water and high ideals. Their high standards and conscious purchasing guarantees high-quality ingredients from carefully selected growers and suppliers. Since the start in 1995, all products have complete declarations of content. Following the users’ needs and the latest research, they are constantly improving existing and new products, which is why they meet the standard for inclusion in our range. loves their non endocrine disrupting chemical free packaging!

Corporate information
MARIA ÅKERBERG AB is a private company owned by Maria and Mikael Åkerberg. The company was founded as a sole proprietorship by Maria Åkerberg in 1995, and it was converted into a private company in 2002. Since then, Maria Åkerberg is both CEO and the person who embodies the brand and the company. The business is constantly growing and developing, and in 2017 Maria Åkerberg was named Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden. From their factory in the small coastal town of Frillesas, they offer skincare, haircare and makeup, with all-natural minerals and plant-based ingredients.