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Optimal Electrolyte Orange

HK $250 or HK $225 / month

Size: 30 Sticks | Serving Size: 1 Stick Pack | Servings per Container: 30

Key Benefits and Actions

  • Natural electrolyte supplement supports optimal hydration*
  • Powerful energy and vitality support*
  • May support for mental clarity and cognition*

Other Ingredients
Malic acid, natural flavors, calcium silicate, monk fruit extract, beta-carotene, and natural coloring.

Suitable For
Vegans and Vegetarians

Optimal Electrolyte Orange is Free Of

Eggs, Fish, Gluten, GMO, Milk, Peanuts, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors, and Artificial Preservatives.


Do not use if stick pack is damaged. Consult with a healthcare professional prior to use if you are undergoing treatment for diabetes or any medical condition, or if you are using medications (esp. insulin, aspirin, or other medications that might affect blood glucose levels, or diuretics). Do not consume Optimal Electrolyte with any other liquid except for water, and always consume with water.

How To Store Optimal Electrolyte Orange

Keep unopened stick packs in a cool, dry place until use. To help reduce clumping, consider refrigeration. Do not store this product in direct sunlight or at high temperatures. These conditions may cause the powder to clump.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Who Needs Optimal Electrolyte

Are you looking for more natural energy support? Do you sweat or sauna regularly? Have you struggled with occasional bouts of vomiting or diarrhea? Do you experience occasional muscle cramps or muscle weakness? Would you like healthy mental clarity?*

It might be time to focus on your electrolyte balance.*

Your peak physical and mental performance depend on many factors. Electrolyte levels, hydration, and cellular energy collectively determine your ability to thrive.*

Optimal Electrolyte sticks are strategically formulated to promote all-day hydration and energy. Key nutrients synergistically support healthy ATP (energy) production and electrolyte balance.*

Optimal Electrolyte is a must-have for anyone who regularly expends energy. This can include athletes and those who sauna frequently. It supplies the nutrients your body requires for healthy energy production. It’s an excellent choice for supporting endurance and energy as part of your daily fitness regimen. However, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from taking electrolytes. Electrolyte supplementation can help anyone support general wellness, hydration, energy levels, and optimal cognition.*

Optimal Electrolyte is a natural electrolyte formula. It includes key nutrients for healthy ATP (energy) production and electrolyte balance.*

Why do you need ATP support? ATP is the fuel that powers human cells. Over one-third of the ATP in your cells is used to regulate sodium levels and potassium levels. If your ATP production is slowed, it can cause fluid and electrolyte imbalance.*

Drinking water alone won’t keep your cells hydrated. You need electrolytes with water to support proper hydration.*

Around two-thirds of your body’s water is stored inside your cells. Electrolytes get the water where it needs to go. People experiencing fluid loss may particularly benefit from electrolyte replacement. You can lose body fluids from excessive urination, perspiration, diarrhea, or vomiting. In these cases, it is imperative to take electrolytes with sufficient water to achieve rehydration.*

It’s easy to take Optimal Electrolyte. Simply mix the powder with water in your favorite water bottle. Then enjoy sipping this refreshing electrolyte drink all day long. You can also consume it before, during, and after exercise for optimal energy and recovery.

Optimal Electrolyte is gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from GMO markers. It contains NO unhealthy fillers, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, or additives (unlike many popular sports drinks and electrolyte drinks). It is sweetened with natural monk fruit and is free from stevia.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews point to Seeking Health’s Optimal Electrolyte as one of the best electrolyte supplements on the market. All-day energy has never tasted this good!*

Why Optimal Electrolyte Works

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the primary fuel source used by human cells as “energy.” One of the processes requiring the most ATP is the activation of sodium-potassium pumps. These tiny pumps are located in your cell membranes. They expend tremendous energy pumping sodium out of your cells and potassium into cells. In fact, over one-third of the energy in your cells goes toward keeping your sodium and potassium pumps working! The balance of these two essential minerals is imperative for maintaining optimal fluid and nutrient levels in every cell.*

While your body is actively pumping sodium out of cells and potassium into cells, nutrients and water are brought into the cell as well. More than 60 percent of your body’s water must be inside the cells to be properly hydrated. Your sodium-potassium pumps are of utmost importance in this process.*

Most people get adequate or excessive amounts of sodium chloride in their diet. In contrast, up to 98 percent of U.S. adults are not consuming sufficient potassium. As a result, 510 mg of potassium is provided in each Optimal Electrolyte stick. The nutrients D-ribose, creatine, niacin, and magnesium are added to support the function and production of ATP.*

Beyond cellular hydration, electrolytes are critical for electrical conductivity. Both nerves and muscles fire with electrical impulses. Electrolytes play a key role in making sure those functions are supported.*

Optimal Electrolyte

Whether you are looking to support your muscles, nervous system, or cellular hydration, maintaining optimal electrolyte levels is an essential starting point.*

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use

With dry hands, add one stick pack of Optimal Electrolyte to a glass 1/4 filled (approximately 2 oz with purified water. Allow it to bubble for a few seconds. Then fill the glass to a full 8 oz.

Product will fizz less with cold water, so you may want to add ice.

FAQS: Optimal Electrolyte Orange

Want to know more? Check out our FAQs page now.

Who is Optimal Electrolyte intended for?

Optimal Electrolyte Powder is intended for anyone who wishes to feel hydrated and energized throughout their day.

This is great for athletes, pre- and post- sauna use, pre- and post-workout use, elderly adults, kids 4 years of age and older, and those who spend time in warm weather or sweat excessively.

Optimal Electrolyte is a great option for those who are taking methylation-support products because methylation increases cell division. During cell division, electrolytes are lost. Electrolytes are needed for proper nutrient absorption and cellular detoxification.*

Does Optimal Electrolyte contain gluten or grains?

Optimal Electrolyte is gluten-free.

Optimal Electrolyte does not contain grains. However, this formula contains D-ribose which is derived from glucose from corn. Due to the processes used to manufacture the finished ingredients, the final product is free from corn proteins.

Is Optimal Electrolyte free from GMOs?

Does the monk fruit in Optimal Electrolyte contain erythritol?

No, the monk fruit in Optimal Electrolyte does not contain erythritol.

Where does the 4 g of carbohydrates come from in the Optimal Electrolyte powder?

Note that there are a total of 4g of carbohydrates in Optimal Electrolyte. Two grams come from the D-ribose, and 2g come from the presence of malic acid.

The 2g of sugar come from the D-ribose, a natural plant sugar that helps to support energy production and occasional muscle soreness from exercise.* The D-ribose is NOT added for sweetness or flavor.

Regarding malic acid, though malic acid is not technically a major contributor of carbohydrates, the FDA calculations make this a carbohydrate. The FDA calculates carbohydrates as the following: “Total carbohydrate content shall be calculated by subtraction of the sum of the crude protein, total fat, moisture, and ash from the total weight of the food.” Often in lists of nutritional information, such as the USDA National Nutrient Database, the term “carbohydrate” (or “carbohydrate by difference”) is used for everything other than water, protein, fat, ash, and ethanol. This includes chemical compounds such as acetic or lactic acid, which are not normally considered carbohydrates. (malic acid would also be included here). So, while malic acid is not really a carbohydrate, its presence affects the carbohydrate calculation, and by FDA’s definition/calculation, is counted as one. The 2g of additional carbohydrates listed on the label are on account of the presence of malic acid in the formulation.

How much actual bicarbonate is in each serving of Optimal Electrolyte and does it negatively affect my health?

There is approximately 1180 mg bicarbonate per serving of Optimal Electrolyte.

Bicarbonate is well known for buffering acidity. The reason the bicarbonate forms of sodium and potassium are used in Optimal Electrolyte and Optimal Potassium is many individuals are acidic in nature which contributes to increased lactate production. When you exercise, you consume glucose and burn it as fuel. As glucose is burned, glucose stores diminish and pH decreases. This process can increase anaerobic lactate production. Increased lactate increases muscle tightness and pain. By using bicarbonate forms, this may raise the pH which then reduces lactate production and thus may reduce muscle soreness due to exercise. The bicarbonates are there to help reduce acidity and help support the aerobic utilization of fuel.*

According to Dr Lynch, here at the benefits of consuming bicarbonate:*

  • Reduce acidity of environment leads to improved energy utilization
  • Reduced lactate
  • Less sore muscles due to exercise

Known potential side effects and Dr Lynch’s suggestions from Optimal Electrolyte:*

  • According to Dr Lynch, bicarbonates by nature reduce acid. In some people, if taking Optimal Electrolyte on an empty stomach, they may experience what is called ‘Rebound Acidity’. Dr lynch states that this is because the bicarbonates reduce the stomach acid and the cells respond by increasing stomach acid production vigorously. This is a natural response and a sign that your stomach acid production is quite strong! If this happens to you at times, Dr Lynch recommends to simply eat a couple bites of food and the burning should cease.

    You may also consider drinking Optimal Electrolyte more slowly throughout the day. Health professionals have reported a significant improvement in side effects with their patients when they inform them to sip Optimal Electrolyte throughout the day in a water bottle vs drinking it all at once. Be sure that you are mixing Optimal Electrolyte in enough water. If you are mixing a full stick in a half a glass, it will increase the concentration of the bicarbonates and increase risk of rebound acidity. Be sure you are mixing a stick into a full glass of filtered water.


  • If drinking Optimal Electrolyte with meals, you may experience reduced ability to digest your food. Consider reducing the serving size of Optimal Electrolyte to only 1/2 stick per 8 oz glass of filtered water. Dr Lynch states that individuals should not drink much of anything while eating as this may dilute digestive acids and enzymes thereby reduce digestion.

    If digestion is an issue when drinking Optimal Electrolyte, individuals can try consuming lemon juice or touch of apple cider vinegar before meals to help support stomach acid.*

    In short, here are ways to support the side effects of bicarbonate:*

    • Try adding lemon juice or touch of apple cider vinegar before meals to support digestion
    • Sip Optimal Electrolyte during the day, instead of drinking all at once
    • Don’t drink Optimal Electrolyte during meals

Are there any side effects of using Optimal Electrolyte?

Side effects may include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches

Headaches are rarely experienced. In the event a headache occurs from drinking Optimal Electrolyte, talk to your health professional about adding additional salt. Low sodium due to weakened adrenals or the ketogenic diet may contribute to headaches when more potassium is consumed.

If you believe that you are experiencing any adverse reactions, please see your healthcare professional immediately and discontinue use. Each individual may react differently to any product or supplement. We always recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional prior to considering the use of Optimal Electrolyte Powder or any supplement, especially when pregnant or breastfeeding.

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