Mobile Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer Sticker

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Where would we be without our mobile phones and other handy electronic devices? 

We live in an age where almost everything we do, from messaging to banking, can be accomplished at the touch of a button on our handheld devices. While this might make life much easier, it’s not without its risks. 

Research has shown that mobile phones and Wi-Fi enabled devices radiate an EMR field which is a potentially harmful positive charge frequency. Parts of the body that are nearest to your mobile phone can absorb this radiation. Some studies have found a link between mobile phone use and increased cancer risk.  

The Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer is designed to neutralize the potentially harmful positive charged Electromagnetic Fields from all types of mobile phones, cordless phones, laptops and tablets, iPads, portable Wi-Fi Hotspots and Wi-Fi modems by creating a healthy, negative charge energy field. 

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GeoCleanse - Radiation Harmonising Stickers

If you feel sick, dizzy or have a hot head while using your mobile phone you may have ‘Hot Head’ syndrome. The most frequent feedback from customers using this product is relief from the discomfort experienced when speaking on the mobile phone for prolonged periods.

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