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People embracing their health and taking it into their own hands rely strongly on the devices of the Quantified Self (QS).  Whether you use an Apple watch, Garmin or fit-bit, the devices can interfere with the end points of your energetic meridien system and cause physical stress to your body.

We live in an age where almost everything we do, from messaging to banking, can be accomplished at the touch of a button on our wearable devices. While this might make life much easier, it’s not without its risks. 

Research has shown that network enabled devices radiate an EMR field which is a potentially harmful positive charge frequency. Parts of the body that are nearest to your device can absorb this radiation. Numerous studies have found links between mobile phone use and increased cancer risk.  

This Harmonizer, in small size is designed to neutralize the potentially harmful positive charged Electromagnetic Fields from all types of smart watches, personal trackers, headbands and portable Wi-Fi Hotspots and modems by creating a healthy, negative charge energy field. 

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Watch harmonizer wi-fi radiation

Having an electronic device/watch in direct contact with the skin may create resonant stress on human organs, meridian pathways and the nervous system.  The Chinese meridian pathways pass through the wrists to terminate in each of the fingertips.

Kinesiology testing has validated that people wearing an electronic device against their skin, may cause interference with their immune and thyroid meridian points, which is a very common problem with such devices.

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