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Dietary advice from The Kresser Institute

Accelerate your gut healing journey with complete amino acids profiles. Learn how.

5 Reasons Why Nearly Everyone (Even Vegetarians) Should Eat Gelatin

by Laura Beth Schoenfeld, RD

You Need to Eat Gelatin. Here Are the Reasons Why

by Chris Kresser, M.S.

The Bountiful Benefits of Bone Broth: A Comprehensive Guide

by Chris Kresser, M.S.

How to Eat More Organ Meats

by Chris Kresser, M.S.

The 13 Benefits of Fermented Foods and How They Improve Your Health

by Chris Kresser, M.S.


How to Get More Bone Broth into Your Diet, with Justin Mares

by Chris Kresser, M.S.

Paleo, Keto & Gluten Free Recipe Writers. My Favourites

Jordan Pie

Fun, Nutrient Dense Foods based on Australian Favourites.

Cara Comini

Introduction to GAP’s & Keto Diets to allieviate allergies.

Aran Goyoaga

Gluten Free Treats for Special Occasions, only when you’re not insulin resistant & understand how to eat to balance blood sugar.

Priscilla Soligo

Paleo Food for Balanced Blood Sugar.

Danielle Walker

Great for Kids moving  from a standard diet to grain free.


I Heart Umami

I Heart Umami shares Asian-Inspired Paleo, Whole30, and Keto Recipes with hundreds of easy and flavorful meals for healthy Asian food lovers!

Clean Home Care. Outside is toxic, but your home need not be.

Slowood Hong Kong

Wellness Mama

Recipes for DIY home care and cleaning.


Building Biology Central

Home Assessments for EMFs, Mould & Air Quality.


Groceries: Paleo, Organic, Fermented & Regeneratively Farmed are important. These are our favourite HK Suppliers.

Grows Fresh

Regenerative Farming from Australia & New Zealand. 


Fermented Vegetables, Sprouted Nuts & Seeds & Grain Free Bakery all produced in Hong Kong.

Olive Tree

Organic Greek Olive Oil.  Delicious & great value.


Seafood Society

Get Your SMASH fish here.  Cold Water Fatties!  (Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines, Herring).

Hong Kong Services

The Body Group

Caroline Rhodes has expert understanding of the spine & how it effects all other body functions. She is an expert at assessing who in her team can best deliver on her diagnostic.  Sign up for her Conscious Loving online course using E.F.T.s here.

Titania Tong

Safe Mercury Removal Dentistry.  If you have amalgam fillings in your mouth & chronic health problems, a visit to Titania to have them removed is a must.


Falguni Mather

Psychotherapist.  Fal uses Body Orientated Emotional Freedom Techniques to help recovery from anxiety and recovery from trauma with both short term counselling & longer term therapy.

Dr Susan Ward

Functional Medicine Dr. Brilliant at getting to the root cause of your symptoms. 



Brain Boosts


Superfeast sells powdered extracts of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms (which are technically tonic herbs but this seems to confuse everyone, so they are separated for clarity). A powdered extract is basically the end result of taking a bunch of herbs and boiling and/or tincturing them for a while. The powder comes about after the resultant extract is dried and pushed through an ultra-fine sieve.

Clean Beauty


Bringing in ethical, accessible & affordable clean beauty to Hong Kong.

Courses & Events

Accredited EFT Practitioner Certification Training in-person in Hong Kong

3 days over two weekends.
Dates: TBC
Time: 9am-5.30pm

Whether you’re interested in personal development or to get certified.

See all details here.

AIA Vitality Hub

The AIA Vitality Hub is a unique health and wellness venue built to engage the Hong Kong community and its visitors with well-being. They excel at offering an array of activities and events on the stunning harbour front with The cities wellness leaders. Aiming to educate, motivate, and inspire people of all ages with the joy of an active lifestyle and healthy living habits.