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Passionate about Strength, Growth & Vitality?

We are! The more of us humans who are strong and vital, the better the world. We're on a mission to help people establish small daily habits that help them become strong, grow and be full of vitality. If you're onboard, and have an audience to inform, we'd love to help you help them with access to high quality, whole food, nutrient dense supplements & health supporting products. It needs to be win-win-win. Good for your earnings, Good for their health and good for our planet. If you have a website, blog, social media presence or an in-person clientele and are passionate about well-being & our message resonates with you,  we'd love to have you as an affiliate partner. It's free, quick and easy to sign up.

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As an affiliate, you send traffic from your website, blog, WhatsApp community or Instagram account to through tracked links or coupons. You can also send the link or coupon to your in-person clientele.  For every sale made from that link, you, as the affiliate get a commission. The links can be in the form of banners, text links on your blog, or even a link on social media.  We'd love for you to use and review the products and talk about how it's helpful.

Why sign up with us?

We have a great range of high quality health and beauty products worth sharing with your clients and followers. With high conversion rates and a useful product range, the traffic you send to us is likely to convert, meaning more income for you. Your Clients and followers who shop at earn you commissions. We pay competitive commission rates on all products we stock so partner with us and secure exclusive rates of 10%. We validate commissions frequently, so that our affiliates get their money as soon as possible.  In addition, you're supporting a Hong Kong family business that's using this business to set-up regenerative farming that will grow better food for humans in a way that helps the planet to heal.

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