Our Story


Nutrient dense, organic whole food supplements are the gold standard in building better health. You ARE what you eat, and we want to make them easily available every day.

We stock a small range of high quality broths, collagens, dessicated organs, probiotics, gut supplements & superfoods from the sea, shipped quickly from Hong Kong.

To look your best from the inside out, we stock collagen skin-care, remineralising tooth serum and EMF management products, that are easily integrated into a life where you can indeed heal yourself.

Detox-me.asia started out of my practice as a Bioresonance Therapist in Hong Kong guiding clients through the lifestyle changes they need to transform their health and make a convenient bone broth available for the gut healing protocols I recommend.

We’re evolving Detox-me into a wellness hub rounding up our favourite daily use products that deliver results, outstanding Practitioners, tactics for minimising avoidable toxic loads, and resources linking to the constantly evolving scientifically-backed research that brilliant minds are generating on a daily basis.

Our Story

Yes, you can heal yourself.


In fact, taking full responsibility for your own health is the only way to truly live a vibrant life; full of the energy you need to be fully present. Imagine waking up sparking with a clear head and sound knowledge of what you’ll use your day for, feeling full of love for your partner, children, friends and colleagues. Being prepared for whatever the day brings. No coffee required.

Your Health

Believe it or not, that can be your reality when you truly make the time to look after your health – beyond working out, eating right 80 % of the time and daily meditation. There’s more housekeeping than that to be done in 2018, but small hacks bring great rewards!

Who am I then?

I’m Caroline, an Australian who has lived longer out of Australia than in it (but only just!) with an unquenchable need to know things. I lived in China, England and Italy and am mostly interested in humans and their culture and for most of my life have been driven by the human relationships with food, but these days it’s more about eating to live than living to eat.

That said, food has undergone a transformation from the “health food” and nutrition of the late 70’s – when whole food was heavy and eating it was hard work – to the magnificent creations that experienced, but usually unwell cooks and chefs have developed to deal with the metabolic disaster happening on a grand scale in the 21st century.

Having taken 35 years to undo my own metabolic disaster, catalysed by an ice-cream cake on my first birthday, I’ve learned a thing or two about nutrition and how to eat to thrive. I’ve also learned that not all recipes are created equal and transitioning to a more healthful way to eat is time consuming, costly and fraught with emotion.

So Detox-me.asia aims to outline the building blocks of great health and vitality with the best recipes, products and health research that will smooth the way for a family making the change to a clean lifestyle and whole food diet – of whatever type works for your body and ethics.