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Collagen Beauty

Same beauty benefits for your hair, skin, nails and gut.


Nourishing Bone Broths

Support immunity and gut wellbeing.


Rosita Cod Liver Oil

Wild-caught, raw & sustainable fish liver oils from the crystal clear waters of Norway.


Health in Hong Kong

Anyone who lives in Hong Kong knows how quickly the fast pace of life in a polluted city can get on top of your health. Busy schedules, pressure to achieve and a 24/7 culture can quickly take its toll unless you are proactive in managing the effects on your body. puts simple tools into your kit to keep yourself at the top of your game by tackling some of the biggest stressors before they become problems.

We bring you a mix of traditional solutions with convenient delivery as well as more modern solutions to more modern problems, all informed by clinical experience in helping people manage their health in Hong Kong.

We’ve selected best in class products to make bone broth an easy and enjoyable addition to your day, radiation harmonising products to fight back against the inescapable radiation blanket we live under.

Simply put, the products available here could help you sleep better, improve your mood and digestion and set you up for your best chance at winning in Hong Kong.

In addition to our best in class products, we offer a small selection of the best lifestyle hacks that deliver the biggest results for those of you inclined to take things to the next level.

Recipes backed by science to help you manage your oral health, effectively eliminate mould from your home and workplace, and ideas for simple but effective parasite cleanses.

Detoxification is something that your body does but heavy environmental pollution and a devastated gut microbiome can quickly render the body’s own defenses in-effective and in need of more help than a “juice cleanse”. aims to publish a small amount of proven information to save you time and money and to help you keep yourself healthy, because yes, you can heal yourself.

Detox Rewards

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88 PTS


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Yes, you can heal yourself.

Nutrient dense, organic whole food supplements are the gold standard in building better health. You ARE what you eat.

We stock a small range of high quality broths, collagens, dessicated organs, probiotics, gut supplements & superfoods from the sea, shipped quickly from Hong Kong.

To look your best from the inside out, we stock collagen skin-care, remineralising tooth serum and EMF management products, that are easily integrated into a life where you can indeed heal yourself.

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