5G Mini-Rayonex


Size: W 6cm x L 10cm x H 2.2cm | Weight: 120g

The 5G Mini-Rayonex builds on the previous Mini-Rayonex and its fundamental frequency value of 12.5. This version however, contains an additional fundamental frequency value, which is always required when you are under the influence of a 5G network.


Product Information & FAQ's

Just as the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates the vitamin D levels, pigmentation, and the production of Melanin, there are many other frequency spectra that can trigger regulation in our organism. Following the principles of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, the 5G Mini-Rayonex contains the fundamental frequency values of 12.5 as well as the most important fundamental frequency value of 5G, each integrated with a separate dipole antenna system.

The 5G Mini-Rayonex  portable device contains two fundamental frequency values.

How To Use 5G Mini-Rayonex

Simply place the 5G Mini-Rayonex lying flat with the label facing upwards near your body or the animal (max 2 meters distance from the body) - preferably at night.