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Brain Nutrients


Size: 60 Lozenges | Serving Size: 2 Lozenges | Servings per Container: 30

Key Benefits and Actions

  • Provides energy and nutrition for your brain - quickly.
  • Supports healthy mental energy, mood, concentration, and focus
  • Enhances the effectiveness of Optimal Focus, Serotonin Nutrients and Dopamine Nutrients

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Why Brain Nutrients Works

Before we talk about how Brain Nutrients works, we have to talk about how easily your brain gets dirty.

Your brain is easily prone to getting dirty for three main reasons:

  • It has high metabolic activity. Your brain uses a lot of energy in order to function.
  • It has high vulnerability to low oxygen damage
  • It’s made up of 60% fat. Fat is easily damaged by free radicals.

These three risk factors contribute to a harmful, and natural, process in which your brain becomes damaged. This process is called lipid peroxidation.

Over time, if the brain is exposed to more oxidative stress than it receives antioxidant protection, the degree of lipid peroxidation increases. Over time, as your brain accumulates more and more lipid peroxidation, various aspects of it will not function properly.

Lipid peroxidation in the brain contributes to:

  • Memory problems
  • Emotional instability
  • Thinking difficulties
  • Difficulty learning
  • Speaking issues
  • Sleeping problems
  • Coordination difficulties

Brain Nutrients supports a healthy brain using a four part approach. Each serving provides nutrients which support:

  • Energy directly
  • Antioxidant ability
  • Aldehyde detoxification
  • Biopterin synthesis

The trademarked, and researched, ingredient PeakATP® provides immediate energy for your brain. There’s no enzymes or genes needed to convert ATP into energy as ATP is energy!

When one experiences brain fog or mental fatigue, it’s usually because there is a lack of glucose in the brain. Glucose is not what’s important but what glucose actually makes. Glucose is the first step towards making ATP. That said, there are many genes and enzymes needed to convert that glucose into the brain’s energy source of ATP. If any one of these genes or enzymes do not have the needed nutrients, ATP will not be made. Thus, mental fatigue and brain fog will persist despite eating ample glucose. This is why ATP is so incredibly effective. It’s instant energy.

As you think all day long, your brain produces toxic waste products. So we cannot provide your brain energy without supporting protection at the same time.

We do that for you.

In each serving of Brain Nutrients, your brain receives ample amounts of researched nutrients with powerful antioxidant capabilities. These are vital to sustaining a healthy brain.

Brain Nutrients supplies two trademarked and researched antioxidant properties in combination with a freeze-dried, concentrated royal jelly.

If lipid peroxidation has already occurred, and it has, toxic compounds called aldehydes are released. If aldehydes accumulate in your brain, further damage may occur.

Aldehyde detoxification is supported by the active form of thiamine and a chelated form of zinc.

The added specific forms of folate and B12 support biopterin synthesis and recycling.

Biopterin is necessary for your brain to produce healthy amounts of three very important compounds:

  • Nitric oxide: necessary for healthy blood flow and nutrient delivery
  • Serotonin: supports healthy mood, blood flow and sleep
  • Dopamine: supports healthy levels of motivation, drive, libido and attention

The delivery system of the nutrients found in Brain Nutrients is well thought out.

As a lozenge, the delivery of the nutrients is more effective than if they were found in a capsule. As the lozenge dissolves in your mouth, and then you swallow, you may feel a near immediate effect in your brain.


Product Information & FAQ's

Who Needs Brain Nutrients

Your brain is highly sensitive to damage from stress, poor sleep, infections, overwork, chemicals and unhealthy food choices to name a few.

You deserve a healthy, thriving brain.

Brain Nutrients is designed to support a healthy, thriving brain.

Assess each statement below. If you relate to one or more, then Brain Nutrients may be the brain support supplement you need:

  • I want to support healthy brain function.
  • It’s hard for me to think. I get tired easily from talking, reading or trying to do anything. I would like to have healthy levels of energy in my brain so I can do the things I want to do again.
  • My head is often foggy. Drinking electrolytes or taking just glutathione doesn’t resolve it. I’m looking to have a healthy, clear head.
  • Nootropics don’t seem to work for me. I’ve tried many. I would like to feel what others feel when supporting healthy brain function.
  • I just used Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide) at the doctor’s office. I would like to support the healthy metabolism of laughing gas for the health of my brain.
  • I want something that helps me feel refreshed and energized quickly without needing coffee or other stimulants.
  • While I want to support healthy brain function, I don’t like using 5-HTP or Tyrosine or Methylfolate. They are too stimulating for me.
  • I’m using other nootropics and looking to add a new foundational one to my stack.
  • I’m sensitive to smells. I typically get headaches from fragrances, exhaust, cigarettes. I would like to be more tolerant to them so they don’t knock me down.
  • I don’t feel good after any amount of alcohol. I would like to support a healthy response to alcohol.
  • I learned that I need to support healthy biopterin (BH4) levels. Biopterin is used by my brain to produce healthy levels of serotonin, dopamine and nitric oxide.
  • I do well with glutathione but it isn’t enough. I feel I need something else to support healthy brain function.
  • I tend to be unmotivated and sad. I would love supporting feelings of having healthy moods along with healthy motivation.
  • My health professional recommended this supplement.
  • My ability to absorb nutrients isn’t the best. I either have low stomach acid, poor gallbladder function, inflamed intestines or an unhappy microbiome.

If a number of those resonated with you, then Brain Nutrients is something that you should seriously consider.

If none of the statements above relate to your current life situation, then Brain Nutrients is most likely not something you need right now.

Other Ingredients

Xylitol, microcrystalline cellulose, natural flavors, stearic acid, monk fruit powder extract, malic acid, silica and magnesium stereate.

Brain Nutrients is Free Of

Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Gluten, GMO, Peanuts, Sesame, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat, and Artificial Preservatives.

Suitable For


Suggested Use

As needed, take 1 to 2 lozenges by mouth, let them completely dissolve, then swallow.

Do not use within 5 hours of bedtime as it may interfere with sleep.

If needed, the lozenge may be broken in half or quarters.

How To Store Brain Nutrients

Keep closed in a cool, dry place out of reach by children.

Are there any side effects when using Brain Nutrients?

Consult with a qualified healthcare provider for medical advice prior to use especially if you have any medical conditions. Do not use if inner tamper seal is damaged.


Consult with a qualified healthcare provider for medical advice prior to use especially if you have any medical conditions.

Do not use if inner tamper seal is damaged.

Who is Brain Nutrients intended for?

Brain Nutrients is intended for those who experience brain fog or other forms of mental fatigue and are seeking to support a healthy, thriving brain and cognitive function.

Why is Brain Nutrients NOT suitable for vegans?

Brain Nutrients is suitable for vegetarians. The royal jelly is derived from bees, therefore making Brain Nutrients unsuitable for some vegans.

Is Brain Nutrients free from GMO's?

Testing confirms that Brain Nutrients is free from GMO markers. 

Does Brain Nutrients contain gluten or grains?

Brain Nutrients does not contain gluten.

Brain nutrients does not contain grains.