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Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer

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Whether we like it or not, we’re all exposed to radiation as we go about our daily lives.

In our hospitals, our transport systems, and even our homes: radiation is everywhere. It can occur naturally, such as ionizing radiation which is found in soil, water, and vegetation; and it is also man-made in hospital x-ray machines, Wi-Fi and mobile phones.

Although most of us are only ever exposed to low doses of radiation, the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that low doses of ionizing radiation can increase the risk of longer term effects such as cancer. Acute health effects such as skin burns or acute radiation syndrome can occur when doses of radiation exceed certain levels.

In a densely-populated city like Hong Kong, where skyscrapers stand just feet from each other - a large number of which house private medical centres with medical devices and x-ray machines - it’s likely that radiation levels are higher than most places.

It’s impossible to avoid radiation while out in the city - but we can make efforts to reduce it in the home and workplace.

The Geoclense® is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation. It dominates the electrical system with a healthy negative charge resonance so that the subsequent unhealthy positive charge resonance of EMR fields created by electrical appliances, Wi-Fi etc., emits a negative charge frequency which is in harmony with the human bio-field, thus neutralizing any electromagnetic stress on the body.

Radiation is an elephant in the room. A by product of convenience and 21st century living that many people prefer not to acknowledge, however more and more research points to mounting health concerns starting with attention and behavioural changes, sleep interruption and cancers. Radiation affects children more severely and quickly than adults as they have thinner skulls and the insulating myelin sheaths around nerve fibres are undeveloped. Being aware of and practising good radiation hygiene is the first line of defence against an unavoidable stress.
  • Don’t sleep with your cell phone in your bedroom. Turn it off, or at least to airplane mode if you must have it nearby.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi router when you’re not using it.
  • Don’t use cordless telephones and be sure that when you use your cell phone it has full service.
  • Use the speaker-phone function on your phone and never hold the phone directly against the head.
  • Never use a laptop directly on your lap, practise shielding.
  • Seriously limit screen time of under 18-year olds and educate them on safe handling procedures.
Our radiation harmonizers will not eliminate radiation but they do harmonize the frequencies and reduce the stress load on the body.

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Product Information & FAQ's

A Radiation Free Home = Healthy Home, Healthier Life

The Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer has been clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide such as Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Bioresonance practitioners and Kinesiologists, who have the knowledge and capabilities to test an EMR harmonizer and space clearing device effectively.

Human beings are exposed to over 30 different types of measurable Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) fields. The Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer neutralizes the harmful EMR fields created by electronic devices in the home and workplace. Some of the devices that produce EMR are listed below:

  • Digital TVs
  • Smart Meters
  • Baby Monitors
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Water Heaters and Solar Panel Inverters
  • Mobile Phone Towers
  • 4G & 5G Network Signa
  • High Voltage Power Lines
  • Wi-Fi Routers and Modems
  • Cordless and Mobile Phones
  • Artificial Heating and Cooling

Where is the best place to plug it in?

Any power point, anywhere in the house. The Geoclense does not need to be centrally located or plugged into any special location. If being used in countries that do not have a power point switch, plug the Geoclense into the power socket and it will start to operate immediately.

Can you plug the Geoclense into a power-board?

The Geoclense can go into a power board and be used with a travel adapter in any country when you are traveling. The Geoclense is available with the correct electrical plug for every country around the world.

Why do I need a Geoclense® for my workplace?

What people don’t realize is that ALL workplaces are the most harmful energetic environments. This is because there’s generally a higher amount of EMR fields from machines, computers, mobile phone towers, appliances and fluorescent lighting, etc. The other big energetic influence is Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) caused by negative psychic attacks and impressions aimed at the business and the people working within the business, which are electromagnetic imprints created by outside competitors, skeptics, non-supporters, disgruntled customers, disgruntled staff and animosity among staff and management. It's amazing how different you feel when you remove all forms of Bioplasmic Radiation. Another reason why people love the uniqueness of the Geoclense®.

Why do I need a Geoclense® when I travel?

For use in hotels, hostels, motels, resorts, holiday houses and apartments. Plug the Geoclense® in immediately upon arrival as you don’t know what sort of energies may be there to greet you. A typical Hotel/Motel room would have had many hundreds of people sleeping in the same bed that you are, potentially leaving an overlap of emotional and illness imprints in that bed and within the rooms, which may interfere with your sleep and emotional and physical well-being while on holiday. These localized fields over the Hotel beds are all neutralized by the Geoclense®. Combine the Geoclense® with a travel adapter to suit the electrical power point of your destination. Add a touch of harmony to your holiday and travel experience.

How many Geoclense do I need for one property?

Only one Geoclense is required per property.

How big an area does it cover?

There is no limit to the size of the property. The Geoclense has an effective range which will harmonize to the boundaries of the smallest or largest acreage properties. This means that not only is your home protected but your property grounds are as well.

How big an area does it cover in multi-story buildings?

The Geoclense will cover multi-level buildings. There is no building height limit. If you are in a unit or apartment, it will cover your dwelling and have an effect across the whole building.

Does the Geoclense use any power?

No. The Geoclense does not consume any power, however, keep the switch turned 'on' at all times.

Why does the Geoclense need to be plugged into an electrical socket if it doesn't use any electricity to work?

The Geoclense dominates the wiring with a negative charge which harmonizes the electrical system, thus neutralizing the positive charge EMR fields around appliances such as Smart Meters, Wi/Fi, Digital TV, fridges, lighting etc. Because the Geoclense has an earth pin, the harmonized earth wire then neutralizes all types of earth radiation.

Will the Geoclense device give out some light when it is switched on?No, there is no light that comes on when the Geoclense is plugged into the power point and is switched on.

How long does the Geoclense last?

The Geoclense will last forever. It doesn't lose its charge. All our products work indefinitely; they will never lose their energetics.

How often do I need to replace or renew my Geoclense?

It's good to update the Geoclense every 3-4 years because of the ongoing research and upgrades we make to the programming when we feel that we can improve the energetics, or, if there have been changes to our energetic global environment. Because planetary energies are always changing, it may be advisable to upgrade to a current model Geoclense to benefit from all the research we do in observing these changes, and making the suitable corrections available through the Geoclense.

How do I know the Geoclense is working?

Most people, within seconds of initial installation of their Geoclense, feel a change in the environment of their home and workplace and also how they feel within themselves. The more sensitive you are to feeling energies, the quicker you will notice the difference. People often express how the space feels ”lighter” and “clearer”.

Can negative energies of a house affect its sale?

Yes, it can affect the decision making of the potential buyer. Should someone who is electro-hypersensitive view a house for sale with a lot of Bioplasmic Radiation and also EMF from electrical and Wi-Fi, they may quickly decide not to purchase the property. Real Estate Agents who use the Geoclense to clear the energies in their slow moving real estate stock have resulted in a quick sale of the property.

Does the Geoclense help with power lines?

Yes, the Geoclense definitely has an effect on power lines in either direction, up and down the street and in front of the property, for a distance of around 50 meters either way.

In a two-level house will the Geoclense work on both levels?

Yes, one Geoclense will cover both levels of a double story house.

Can I plug the Geoclense into a power-bar or is it more effective to plug into an outlet?

You can plug the Geoclense into any power point or power board and turn on the switch. If being used in countries that do not have a power point switch, plug the Geoclense into the power socket and it will start to operate immediately.

Will the Geoclense neutralize the Wi-Fi from the neighbours?


Do I need a Geoclense for both Home and Work?

Yes!! What people don’t realize is that ALL workplaces are the most harmful energetic environments. This is because there’s generally a higher amount of EMR fields from machines, computers, appliances and fluorescent lighting. The other big energetic influence is Bioplasmic Radiation caused by negative psychic impressions which are electromagnetic imprints created by competitors, non-supporters, disgruntled customers, disgruntled staff and animosity among staff and management. This negative psychic impression energy is generally not what you would normally experience in the home environment.

Do I need to take a Geoclense when traveling?

Yes!! A typical Hotel/Motel room would have had many hundreds of people sleeping in the same bed that you are, potentially leaving emotional and illness imprints in the beds and within the rooms which will interfere with your sleep. These localized fields over the Motel beds are neutralized by the Geoclense.

How has the Geoclense been tested and who has tested it?

As the Geoclense is an EMF Harmonizer, it cannot be tested with a Gauss meter or a radio frequency meter. All testing of the Geoclense is done with traditional energy measuring tools such as the Biotensor and Lecher Antenna. These are proven, traditional building biology scientific instruments designed to measure the effect of EMF on the human body against a known radiation field. We have also performed many tests in the past using GDV Kirlian Photography.

Because the Geoclense is all about neutralizing the effect of EMF on the human body, the Geoclense is able to be tested using Kinesiology and Bioresonance which is why we are so popular around the world with practitioners who use Kinesiology and Bioresonance equipment. These modalities always show that the Geoclense does prevent EMF stress in the body.

Can a Geoclense cause a house fire?

No, because it doesn’t contain any electronics which may potentially cause a fire risk.

Is the Geoclense strong enough to protect a house 50 meters away from a major electricity power station?

Some power stations produce more EMF than others. A Geoclense will neutralize the EMF charge from a power station no matter how close it may be.

Is it safe to use earthing products if I have the Geoclense plugged in?

Yes, you can because the Geoclense neutralizes the earth wire and the earth radiation.

Can you break a Geoclense?

In theory, no. Because the Geoclense does not contain any electronics, it naturally “feeds” the frequency into the wiring. If the Geoclense resin engineered smart crystal block is broken, the Geoclense will continue to operate without any compromise.

We have a sewer at the back of the house, will the Geoclense neutralize this?

The sewer line will cause an electromagnetic charge above the ground to about 1.5 meters and is as wide as the line itself which the Geoclense will neutralize.