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Optimal Magnesium


Size: 100 Capsules | Serving Size: 1 Capsule | Servings per Container: 100

Key Benefits and Actions

  • Lysinate, glycinate, and malate forms of magnesium for optimal bioavailability
  • May support GI comfort, relaxation, and natural energy production
  • May support healthy sleep, mood, nerves, and muscles

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Why Optimal Magnesium Works

What do your hormones, bones, blood sugar, mood, and muscles all have in common? These areas of health all require the essential mineral magnesium to function. Magnesium is a cofactor for hundreds of enzymatic processes and biochemical reactions in the body.

It stabilizes ATP in these enzymes so it can be used as an energy source to make the enzymes work. By doing this magnesium helps to regulate protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, healthy blood pressure, and much more.

By inhibiting calcium influx and smooth muscle contraction, it supports muscle relaxation. Magnesium is important for glycolysis, oxidative phosphorylation, and energy production. It supports the development and maintenance of healthy bone structure. It’s also needed to synthesize DNA, RNA, and glutathione.

Research indicates that the dietary magnesium in food sources is declining. Some estimate that up to 75 percent of adults do not meet the recommended intake (RDA) of 400 mg per day. Magnesium deficiency may have systemic impacts.

Low mood, muscle twitching and cramps, sore muscles, migraines, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, high blood sugar levels, and low energy have all been associated with an insufficiency of this vital nutrient.

Magnesium is lost from the body with increased urination, diarrhea, alcohol use, kidney disease, blood sugar issues, and certain medications like proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Magnesium requires adequate stomach acid to be absorbed. In fact, there is an FDA warning on some acid-blocking medications for hypomagnesemia with long-term use.

Optimal Magnesium provides two well-tolerated forms of bioavailable magnesium in one simple capsule. Each serving provides 150 mg of elemental magnesium in the superior malate and lysinate-glycinate forms. The malate form supports natural energy, while the lysinate-glycinate form supports relaxation and GI comfort, as well as collagen production and tissue health.

Magnesium lysinate-glycinate is a well-tolerated form of magnesium bound to the amino acids glycine and lysine. Glycine is the most basic of all amino acids. Lysine is an essential component for collagen formation.* By attaching magnesium to glycine and lysine, it greatly increases absorption of this mineral.

When unabsorbed magnesium is left in the intestines, water is released from the intestinal lining to flush it out. This contributes to the cramping, indigestion, loose stools, and discomfort associated with magnesium supplementation.

Magnesium lysinate-glycinate is a great choice for people with sensitive stomachs who have not previously tolerated magnesium. It is also ideal for those seeking the calming benefits of glycine, which acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain to support feelings of calm and relaxation along with the collagen supporting actions of lysine.

Magnesium malate is a well-tolerated form of magnesium bound to malate (malic acid). This form offers superior absorption and energy production support. Malic acid is an important compound in the Krebs cycle used to produce energy (ATP).

Malate’s role in ATP production supports healthy exercise performance and muscle recovery. For these reasons, many people consider magnesium malate ideal for supporting natural energy levels.

Magnesium itself is also a vital part of energy production. It plays a key role as a cofactor holding ATP stable in over 300 enzyme reactions in the human body. Binding magnesium to malic acid amplifies magnesium’s energy benefits.

It may seem counterintuitive that magnesium simultaneously supports energy while also calming the mind and body. One of the major roles magnesium plays is related to mood and relaxation via the NMDA receptor in the brain.

Magnesium supports relaxation by blocking a calcium channel receptor in the brain called NMDA. Activation of the brain’s NMDA receptors can lead to nerve excitability. By lowering NMDA stimulation, magnesium supports a calm mood and focus.

Optimal Magnesium contains magnesium in the ‘malate’ and ‘lysinate-glycinate’ forms to support energy while also promoting relaxation. It provides 150 mg of elemental magnesium per easy-to-take capsule.

These well-tolerated forms of magnesium offer superior absorption and GI comfort.


Product Information & FAQ's

Who Needs Optimal Magnesium

Do you need to supplement with magnesium? Over half of the population is thought to be deficient in this essential mineral. However, not all types of magnesium supplements are created equal. Unfortunately, many forms of magnesium are not well-absorbed and can lead to gastrointestinal (GI) upset.

Optimal Magnesium provides two well-tolerated forms of bioavailable magnesium in one simple capsule. The malate form supports natural energy, while the lysinate-glycinate form supports relaxation and GI comfort. Optimal Magnesium is ideal for those seeking the health benefits of magnesium from two different types of magnesium, in one easy-to-take capsule. Each serving provides 150 mg of magnesium in the superior lysinate-glycinate and malate forms.

Optimal Magnesium contains magnesium as Magnesium Lysinate-Glycinate Chelate and Dimagnesium Malate. More commonly, these are known as the ‘lysinate-glycinate’ and ‘malate’ forms of magnesium. Compared to other types of magnesium (such as magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, magnesium lactate, and magnesium sulfate) the lysinate-glycinate and malate forms are better absorbed. They are also less likely to stimulate gastrointestinal (GI) upset or loose bowels.

Binding magnesium to the amino acids lysine and glycine supports optimal absorption, GI comfort, and amino acid support for normal tissue repair. Magnesium glycinate’s simple chemical structure minimizes GI side effects commonly experienced from other forms of magnesium supplements. Glycine also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain to support relaxation and a healthy stress response.

Lysine plays a key role in building the collagen that holds your tissues together. Binding magnesium to malate (malic acid) also supports magnesium’s absorption into cells. Malate is involved in energy production as an important compound used in the Krebs cycle. Magnesium malate is an excellent option for athletes or those seeking physical performance support.

While magnesium itself supports healthy energy levels, it also supports relaxation. By downregulating NMDA receptors in the brain, magnesium helps to support calm mood and focus.

Magnesium plays a role in hundreds of enzymatic processes in the body. Found inside your bones and muscles, it’s essential for healthy nervous system function, bone strength, and muscle relaxation.

According to some estimates, up to 75 percent of the U.S. population does not get enough magnesium. Unfortunately, serum magnesium tests do not accurately reflect magnesium status. This is because magnesium is often found within cells and not in the serum.

Magnesium deficiency has been associated with a multitude of health conditions and symptoms: muscle cramps and twitching, heart palpitations, constipation, high blood pressure, racing thoughts, migraines, fatigue, and poor sleep quality. Low magnesium levels also make it difficult to maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Optimal Magnesium supports healthy:

  • Levels of magnesium
  • Magnesium absorption
  • GI and stomach comfort
  • Energy production
  • Muscle function and relaxation
  • Bone health and density
  • Sleep and mood
  • Hormone balance
  • Blood pressure levels
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Immune system function
  • Cardiovascular and heart health
  • Gene regulation and maintenance
  • Protein formation

Optimal Magnesium offers the best health benefits of magnesium in one simple capsule. Now you can enjoy the best forms of magnesium in one easy capsule!

Other Ingredients

Vegetarian capsule (hypromellose and water), ascorbyl palmitate, L-leucine, and silica.

Optimal Magnesium is Free Of

Eggs, Fish, Gluten, GMO, Milk, Peanuts, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors, and Artificial Preservatives. 

Suitable For

Vegans and Vegetarians

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule with or without food or as directed by your healthcare professional.

How To Store Optimal Magnesium

Keep closed in a cool, dry place out of reach by children.

Are there any side effects when using Optimal Magnesium?

The side effects for Optimal Magnesium may include:

  • Stomach upset
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If you have diabetes, kidney problems, arterial blockages, or a bleeding disorder, please consult your healthcare provider before starting this or any other supplement. If you believe that you are experiencing any adverse reactions, please see your healthcare professional immediately and discontinue use.

Each individual may react differently to any product or supplement. We always recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional prior to considering the use of this or any supplement, especially when pregnant or breastfeeding.


Children and pregnant or lactating women should consult their healthcare practitioner prior to use. Do not use if tamper seal is damaged. Consult with a healthcare professional before use if you are using antibiotics, blood pressure medications/calcium channel blockers or other medications.

Who is Optimal Magnesium intended for?

Optimal Magnesium is intended for any adult who wishes to support natural magnesium levels with two well-tolerated forms: magnesium malate and magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate.

The chelated form allows Optimal Magnesium to be readily absorbed and utilized in the body and reduces the amount of unpleasant gastrointestinal effects. The malate form is well-known for its role in ATP production in the cells.

A combination of these two forms is great for anyone who would like a comprehensive approach to magnesium supplementation in a simple, single-dose capsule. Magnesium is great for supporting normal muscle relaxation, healthy mood and healthy hormone balancing!

Does Optimal Magnesium contain gluten or grains?

Optimal Magnesium is gluten-free. Optimal Magnesium does not contain grains. However, this formula contains ascorbyl palmitate which is derived in part from highly purified corn oil. Due to the processes used to manufacture the finished ingredients, the final product is free from corn proteins.

Is Optimal Magnesium free from GMOs?

Testing verifies that Optimal Magnesium is free from GMO markers.