Size: W 6cm x L 10cm x H 2.2cm | Weight: 120g

The Mini-Rayonex is a product to harmonise geopathic stress and electro-magnetic pollution in the organism. It is effective within a 2-metre radius and best placed near one’s body, on the desk, at the bedside or inside one’s pocket or bag. Thanks to the unique design of the device, energy can be emitted in all directions but is strongest when the text is facing up on a flat surface.


Product Information & FAQ's

Just as the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates the vitamin D levels, pigment formation or the formation of melanin, in our experience, there are many other frequency spectra that can trigger regulations in the organism.

Guided by the principles of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt (BaPS), the fundamental frequency value 12.50 was integrated into the MINI-Rayonex using a dipole antenna system. Within BaPS, 12.50 is one of the most important fundamental frequency values that has a very positive affect on the fundamental regulation ability of the organism when it is exposed to any kind of stress.

The dipole antenna system used in Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt is also subject of very interesting in-vitro studies, whose results have been obtained under laboratory conditions.

A cell-biological study by the Dartsch Scientific Institute shows that, by means of such fundamental frequency values, the regulation ability of cell structures can be very positively affected.

How To Use Mini-Rayonex

Simply place the Mini-Rayonex lying flat with the label facing upwards near the human body or the animal (max. 2 metres distance to the body). A good place for the Mini-Rayonex is where it is near you for along time, for example on the bedside table or on the desk in the office. When carrying the Mini-Rayonex in a bag or in the pocket, the label should face away from the body.