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MSM Lignisul 500g


Size: 500g | Serving Size: 50g | Servings per Container: 10

MSM Lignisul supplements the body with methyl and organically bound sulphur. MSM helps the body to repair itself at the cellular level. MSM helps the body to repair itself at the cellular level by providing building blocks to repair hair, skin and nails, support joints and muscle recovery, and increases oxygenation of the tissues. Sulfur is referred to as "Nature's Beauty Mineral" as the tissues respond well to sulfur. Imagine a product that enhances your appearance by making your hair stronger and more vibrant, your nails stronger and your skin softer.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Product Information & FAQ's

Benefits of MSM in powder form

Here are some advantages of buying MSM in powder form:

  • Usually absorbed faster and more completely by the body compared to MSM in tablet form.
  • Easier to dose and take. One to two teaspoons in water is easier to swallow than 7-10 tablets.
  • Mix MSM powder in ointment and apply topically.
  • Mix MSM powder in liquid and use as a spray.
  • Brush your teeth with MSM powder!
  • Lignisul MSM consists of pure MSM. Tablets usually have additives.
  • Cheaper.

Suggested Use

For the first week, take a quarter teaspoon (1 teaspoonful) per day dissolved in a glass of water or juice. After a week, you can increase the dose by a quarter of a teaspoon each week until you reach the optimal dose, which can vary between half a teaspoon and three teaspoons per day. If you have a strong reaction to even a small amount of spice, reduce the dose. Some people only tolerate a few grains at first.

The dosage can vary greatly between individuals. The dose can be spread over a couple of doses per day if desired. If you get loose in your stomach, reduce it to a level that your stomach can handle. MSM can also be mixed into food or drink (coffee, tea, etc.) if you prefer. Do not take your dose before bedtime. The best before date is indicated on the packaging.

How To Store MSM 500g

Keep dry at room temperature and out of reach of small children.