How to Heal Yourself?

How to Heal Yourself?

Jul 25, 2018Major Productions

Simple fixes, based on tiny habits. Build health one habit at a time.

Sometimes it can feel like looking after yourself is hard work, but like anything in life, it's all about how you look at it. If you focus on what you can't do or have, you'll feel deprived. But if you focus on what you can do, then a whole world of possibilities opens up. Great health and vibrant energy is easy when you live by these ten health hacks.

  1. Eat real food. Mostly plants (Michael Pollen)

  2. Stick to a clean diet at least 80% of the time. Use intermittent fasting, intermittently.

  3. Nurture your gut microbiome. There’s a colony of critters inside you that need your attention. Get to know them, and how to look after them.

  4. Support your body systems with superfoods, clays and other toxin transporters.

  5. Be sensible with your usage of electronic devices. Does social media really serve you? Are you protecting your body from the radiation that all your devices emit?

  6. Detoxify your home; air, water and chemicals

  7. Be fanatical about sleep. Don’t compromise. Prioritise it. Over all else.

  8. Deal with emotional traumas. Past and present.

  9. Learn to meditate.

  10. Go outside and play - be active.

I'll expand on these points over the summer with a post on each. But if you haven't already started on these, it's time to pick one and start. There are solutions to everything. Insomnia, addictions, air pollution, emotional cycles triggered by traumas, hormonal craziness, and hyperactivity. And crazy but true, most of the solutions are found in this health hacking checklist. It's all just about how you go about getting your body to function well again - removing toxicity, rolling back inflammation and restoring metabolic stability. Take small steps and establish new habits. One hack at a time, one day at a time and before you know it, you've reinvented your health and well-being and are living vibrantly.

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