Waveex Airtube Headset


We are proud to present our radiation-free air tube headset, the WAVEEX Airtube Headset! A small, intelligent and extremely safe headset keeps potential electromagnetic radiation (EMS) from your mobile phone to your head, while enabling a crystal clear sound at the same time.

The Digital Protective Shield For Your New Quality Of Life
  • WAVEEX levels out the peaks of magnetic fields.
  • WAVEEX prevents damage to the DNA.
  • WAVEEX reduces oxidative stress.
  • WAVEEX lowers the body's stress level.
  • WAVEEX prevents changes in one's blood profile.
  • Examination of water crystals - with wave the crystal structure of water is protected.

Product Information & FAQ's

Based on the patented SAAT technology (Stereo Acoustic Air Tube), these headphones carry sound from the mobile phone through a thin, hollow, air-filled tube. There are no metal cables leading to the ear.

This reduces the potential electromagnetic radiation reaching the head by 98%. When telephoning with headphones without radiation protection, the risk of harmful radiation is highest, and this is exactly why this headset was specially developed, so you feel completely protected and don't have to worry when using mobile devices with a headset!

Ways To Use Waveex Airtube Headset

  • Use as you would use a normal headset.
  • Regulating volume (press + / -)
  • Accepting / Rejecting a call (press once / twice)
  • Playing / Stopping a song (press once)
  • Playing next song (press twice)

What is eSmog?

Electrosmog (or eSmog) is an informal term for an excessively high concentration of electromagnetic fields with possible adverse effects on the health of living organisms – humans, animals, plants and other animate beings, including single cells. Mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, notebooks, tablets etc.) produce eSmog and put stress on our internal biological processes.

Why are the legal limits for mobile radiation insufficient?

The legally defined specific absorption rate (SAR) only protects our bodies against the influence of high-frequency radiation. But our organism actually uses low frequencies for internal communication. The frequencies that our cell phones emit in this range interfere with this communication – continuously.

Conclusion: it is proven that the actual damage caused during the use of mobile devices takes place in this area. WAVEEX is the only technology in the world that expands its protection to include low-frequency radiation and thereby makes it easier for our bodies to tolerate in the long-term.

Why is WAVEEX recommended especially for children and adolescents?

The use of WAVEEX is generally recommended for everyone regardless of their ages. However, the brains of children and adolescents have not finished growing yet and it can be assumed that the negative effects associated with mobile radiation also have a negative impact on the human brain in the long term.

Can the Harmonizer be tested with a Radio Frequency (RF) meter?

No. Harmonizers of any type, from any manufacturer, cannot be tested using an RF meter.All the testing we do is to determine the effect of the electromagnetic stress on the human body with and without the use of a Harmonizer.

We go to great lengths to prove our technology using traditional testing instruments such as the Biotensor and Lecher Antenna which determine the effects both with and without a Harmonizer on the human organs and meridian pathways.

OEA’s Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer is very popular with Kinesiologists, Bioresonance Practitioners and Chiropractors worldwide who also employ similar testing techniques and consistently find that the OEA Phone Harmonizer may be neutralizing the resonant stress on human organs and meridian pathways.