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Health in Hong Kong

Anyone who lives in Hong Kong knows how quickly the fast pace of life in a polluted city can get on top of your health. Busy schedules, pressure to achieve and a 24/7 culture can quickly take its toll unless you are proactive in managing the effects on your body. puts simple tools into your kit to keep yourself at the top of your game by tackling some of the biggest stressors before they become problems.

We bring you a mix of traditional solutions with convenient delivery as well as more modern solutions to more modern problems, all informed by clinical experience in helping people manage their health in Hong Kong.

We’ve selected best in class products to make bone broth an easy and enjoyable addition to your day, radiation harmonising products to fight back against the inescapable radiation blanket we live under.

Simply put, the products available here could help you sleep better, improve your mood and digestion and set you up for your best chance at winning in Hong Kong.

In addition to our best in class products, we offer a small selection of the best lifestyle hacks that deliver the biggest results for those of you inclined to take things to the next level.

Recipes backed by science to help you manage your oral health, effectively eliminate mould from your home and workplace, and ideas for simple but effective parasite cleanses.

Detoxification is something that your body does but heavy environmental pollution and a devastated gut microbiome can quickly render the body’s own defenses in-effective and in need of more help than a “juice cleanse”. aims to publish a small amount of proven information to save you time and money and to help you keep yourself healthy, because yes, you can heal yourself.

Yes, you can heal yourself provides Nutrient dense, organic whole food supplements, which we believe are the gold standard in building better health. You ARE what you eat, AND what you put on your skin.

Detox-me stocks a small, but effective range of high quality broths, collagens, freeze dried organs, probiotics, gut supplements & superfoods from the sea,  alongside non toxic skin and body care shipped quickly from Hong Kong.

To look your best from the inside out, we stock clean organic hair, skin and body care, remineralising tooth serum and EMF management products, that are easily integrated into a life where you can indeed heal yourself. products provides a curated selection of some of the best products on the planet.


What our clients and customers say
Dr Louise PorterPhD, MA(Hons), MGiftedEd, DipEd, BA, BIntStuds Child Psychologist

I am excited that Bioresonance treatment offers efficient relief for so many clients, but particularly children. Food intolerances, infections and other health issues can lead to an accumulation of toxins, even at an early age. When these toxins cross the blood-brain barrier, they act as irritants to the brain.

Given that the brain’s only functions are to think, feel and behave, an irritated brain may think morbidly, feel emotionally, and behave erratically. This treatment can improve children’s physical and emotional wellbeing, thus providing relief to parents and enhancing family life.

JanHong Kong

My daughter was given a thorough assessment followed by detailed explanation of her condition. Caroline was extremely caring, thoughtful in the entire process (June 2015 – Mar 2016).

She is very knowledgeable and very willing to share their experiences and going the extra mile in their treatment. Very thankful for Caroline.

Andrea HHong Kong

I was very impressed with the Bio-resonance that I was given by Caroline Major at the clinic, after suffering for a long time and being diagnosed with periferic vertigo, having tried many different doctors and medicines. I was initially sceptical about how long my body would react to the bio-resonance and iI tought that it could be months before I could start feeling improvement.

However since the very day I had the treatment my symptoms disappeared and after nearly three weeks they haven’t come back! I would greatly recommend that anyone who suffers from this ailment should try it. Caroline was extremely professional and catered to my individual needs very personally. I can honestly say that this treatment has made a huge positive impact on my life.

PhilHong Kong

I was suffering from allergies to cats, lactose, and wheat. I had a series of 10 treatments. Since then, I have slept in a home with cats and experienced only the smallest itchiness in sinuses. This is a 95% improvement!

My lactose problem is gone too! I can eat all the cheese I want with no reaction and the same goes with wheat – I now eat bread nearly everyday. I would like to thank you very much for this!

FeliciaHong Kong

BioResonance made a profound impact when I was suffering from an acute phase of eczema caused by uncontrollable allergies to numerous substances including dust, eggs, shellfish and nuts. The course of treatments astoundingly minimised the need for traditional medicine from my dermatologist for a prolonged period of time.

Many thanks to Caroline for introducing me to this powerful treatment technology and making such an impact.

HughHong Kong

I recommended Caroline to other members of my family and highly recommend her to other people struggling with recurring health issues who are seeking structural solutions rather than temporary relief from annoying symptoms.

WendyHong Kong

My daughter was born with a cleft palate which caused her to have difficulty drinking and resulted in severe colic and reflux for the first 6 months of her life.

I was desperate and had tried everything to help her out but nothing seemed to work. My daughter also developed Plagiocephaly due to her being uncomfortable all of the time and preferring to sleep in our arms on one side of her head. The first treatment with Caroline Major changed our lives. At 5 months old my daughter hadn’t even taken a ten minute nap. A few hours after her treatment she slept for the very first time. I also switched her from cow’s milk to goat’s milk formula that very day, as suggested by Caroline.

This was a game changer for us all. I discovered that I was eating many foods that my daughter wasn’t processing well in my breastmilk. On top of getting more gas from her cleft she was also getting gas from the foods I was eating and the formula I was supplementing with. I was so pleased with the results, my 6 year old son and I also had treatments. My son was having a few behavioural difficulties that Caroline discovered were directly related to gluten and dairy. I was completely unaware. Testing elimination of these products in his diet makes it crystal clear. She was right!

I can’t rave enough about the expertise and treatment that we experienced at the clinic. I would recommend them to anyone for better health and answers to any body related symptoms you are experiencing. I didn’t believe it until I tried it….. and I am so very glad we did. Thank you to everyone at the clinic for all of your care!

VanessaHong Kong

My 3 year old son suffered with frequent colds, chest infection and wheezy chest. The Bicom treatment has really helped improve his ability to overcome cold symptoms before it develops into a serious infection. Very pleased with the results.

LCHong Kong

It took me a couple of sessions to be convinced, but I’ve had the full proof over the sessions that it was of high benefit to my baby. All the issues were solved! I also learned many things along the way!

ThierryHong Kong

The treatment brought me a new balance for Body/Mind/nutrition, able to take a step back on all issues and particularly at work and sport.

JuneHong Kong

I started seeing Caroline Major for Bioresonance after the birth of my second son, who was constipated, suffered colic and skin problems.
Caroline tested my breast milk and found reactions to several foods in my diet that were effecting my baby as well as reactions to some of the ingredients in the childhood vaccinations.

By Changing my diet and using Bioresonance to help the body eliminate these strains, my son is now thriving and has clear skin and daily bowel movements. The changes in my diet also helped me to eliminate a lifes long skin irritation.

The lifestyle recommendations that Caroline made enabled me to tweak our families diet and habits that we have maintained. All three of my sons, and myself saw Caroline regularly while we were in Hong Kong.

AlexHong Kong

I went to Caroline for Bioresonance treatment on my hand and wrist after I fell heavily on it. Before seeing Caroline, I was in considerable pain and my wrist was very swollen.

After one treatment, the pain had reduced by over half and I was able to carry on with my work day. My sleep was also much easier that night. The following day the swelling had almost gone and I continued to use the infused cream that Caroline gave me which decreased the swelling completely. I am so happy with Caroline’s treatment.

LauraHong Kong

My son was suffering from severe food allergies to eggs, nuts and fish. His reactions were very serious. Having just moved to HK, where these ingredients form an essential part of the local diet, we wanted to try a natural approach to treat my son’s allergies.

The effectiveness of the procedures was unbelievable! 40 hours after his first treatment, my son was able to eat scrambled eggs. We followed every single step, every instruction, and we received amazing results. Thanks to Caroline, my son is now allergy-free and his quality of life has taken a totally different meaning.

We wish more people knew about these treatments.

IvoneHong Kong

My son had irritated skin which was really affecting his temper, and we suspected this was in turn affecting his diet and growth. He was more prone to common viruses and illness. During the first consultation, you immediately diagnosed and identified the various strains of allergens he was vulnerable to.

In the course of the 14-week Bioresonance Therapy treatment, we followed your advices strictly regarding dietary and ways of minimising radiation in the living environment. Soon we saw noticeable improvement with his health, when it was noticeable that he was gaining weight and that his body’s ability to recover from illnesses was faster.

Although my son was nervous about the treatment sessions for a period of time, he did at the end got familiar with the place and had even made friends with you. The most amazing thing about the therapy is the fact that my son had now overcome all of the identified allergy strains. It was also educational for us parents since I have now become aware of the way how much these minor allergies and radiation affects the growth of a child.