Super Charge Your Immunity

Super Charge Your Immunity

Feb 26, 2020Major Productions

Beat stress and ensure proper nutrition.

Here in Hong Kong, we’re seeing anxiety hitting its peak. A number of clients we’ve seen this week are stressed about the radical life changes being forced up on them by the shut down of the city.  Parents becoming teachers, managers being forced to cut staff hours or let people go and children going stir crazy being at home with many of their favourite activities cancelled. And for some, considering the big decision about whether to even uproot permanently.  While we can’t solve those problems we can offer advice and solutions to support you through these challenging times.  Photo by Iñigo De la Maza on Unsplash

Ready?  Now Breathe. 

  1. Look after your diet, and nourish your immune system. Eat Whole Food.

  2. >Make hand-washing with soap and water for 20secs, second nature.

  3. Get out in nature, soak up the sunshine.

  4. Use your essential oils.

  5. Mediate or use your Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping  (remind yourself of the points here).

  6. some manual therapies proven to boost the immune system.

  7. Sleep.

  8. If you feel at risk of sickening, use our immune support supplement trio.

1. Eat Whole Food

  Now, with less scheduled demands on your time, is the opportunity to say hello to your kitchen and try out some recipes you’ve been saving.  The weather is conducive to stewing cheaper cuts of collagen rich meat into delicious gut supporting meals. Think Lamb Shanks, Braised Beef and Grilled Beef Heart. With less trips to the supermarket you could try out our newest favourite low carb, gluten free bread recipe, make some gut healing jelly for the family and put some chicken liver pate in the fridge to get some of the most nutrient dense food on earth into your diet.  And don’t forget the veggies. Plenty of leafy greens supported with a rainbow of starchy, sulphurous and coloured vegetables and aim for 30 different vegetables per week. Maybe you’re so serious about integrating more plants into your diet that you want to try using this downloadable chart to track how many different ones you’re incorporating each week.

2. Make Hand Washing with Soap for  20 Seconds, Second Nature. 

Because the Corona Virus has provided us all with a great reminder that we should be regularly washing our hands well.  And yes, hand sanitiser is a second best. Soap removes everything without overly upsetting the delicate microbiome of our skin.  More and more research points to the overuse of antibacterial/antiviral agents in the surge of skin problems people face. Let’s be sensible in upgrading our hygiene vigilance but not at the expense of all the great work we’ve been doing to protect and nurture our gut, skin and oral microbiomes.

3. Soak up that Sunshine.

All this extra time away from school and the office is a great opportunity to get out in nature.  The latest studies in circadian science show the impact of our transition to an indoor civilisation is impacting our health.  Optimally, we need 3 hours exposed to outdoor light per day. But a minimum of 30 minutes will improve your immune system, and if you manage to out down your blue light emitting devices early at night, vastly improve your sleep.

4. Use Your Essential Oils 

Tea tree oil is the poster child of anti-viral oils, but how about adding a few drops of peppermint to keep your home schooling on focus or changing it up with some other anti-viral superstars. Hyssop is another which supports lungs dealing with acute and chronic viral and can be diffused or used as a massage oil on the chest.  Mix with a carrier oil (what do you have in your kitchen: Almond, Olive, Sesame? Massage on the front and back of the chest and over the shoulders.  This oil is also one of the few oils safe for infants. For severe infections, go to YouTube to learn how to make suppositories, the French way of dealing with essential oils – we carry moulds at the clinic if you need something quickly. Essential oils are also easy to use by using a few drops on the skin it on after taking a hot shower or simply adding it in a pan on the stove in water.

5. Meditate or Use Emotional Freedom Technique 

It’s now widely known not only that stress effects our immune system, but how. In a relationship between the gut and the brain called the Gut-Brain-Axis bio-chemicals and inflammatory cytokines made in the gut, travel directly to the brain via the vegas nerve, causing depression. Meditation is a direct action you can take to cut off this process.  There are countless styles of meditation available, so don’t stop looking until you find one which works for you. Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping” is another way to deal with stress, both of the stored kind and when you’re in the middle of a trauma.  Check this YouTube link to remember the tapping points if you’ve already done our training and pick up the habit, or book a session at the clinic to get you started.

6. Get manual Therapy - Lymphatic Drainage

One of the key immune systems in our body, is the lymph system which, on the superficial level can get sluggish. The deep lymph system is in the gut – pumped by laughing and deep breathing.  But, the superficial lymphatic system is closer to the surface and doesn’t’ have it’s own pump. Bad diet and surgery can make this very sluggish. Caroline and Carina can do proper medical lymph and teach you how to support your own lymph at home.   Beneficial even if you are finding reasons to have deep belly laughs at the moment! During the session it’s very relaxing. Afterwards, you might notice a change in body odour, the smell and colour of urine or faces , and a great sleep .  You might also feel lighter. Generally 3 -4 sessions will be enough to get your lymphatic system moving. The lymph system is full of white blood cells, natural killer cell, B cells and T cells which circulate around the body looking for pathogens or anything that is stressful to the body.  It’s a continuous system, with nodes connecting to each other in a network. Each is a cleaning station, which when swollen means they are working. We can assist that process with massage to make sure that the lymph moves faster to pick things up and dispose of them.  Eventually this lymph “garbage” ends up in the liver which then decides how to excrete the garbage.

7. Sleep

Perhaps one of the most underrated elements of optimal health, sleep is never negotiable.  If you don’t already have good sleep hygiene this gift of time is a great opportunity to work on it.  Set a consistent circadian based bed-time (10.30pm is optimal), ensure your bedroom is very dark,(black-out curtains, an EMF free zone and tape over LED indicator lights) and stop eating 3 hours before you go to sleep at a minimum.  Remember, sleep is when the body rests and repairs, so if you’re run down and at risk of an immune system break-down, jump into bed and let your body recover.

8. Use our Immunity Supplement Pack 

      • Vitamins A & C – Effective at killing both virus and bacteria.

      • Zinc & Vitamin D support the immune system beautifully as well

      • Protocol for teenagers and older – Follow for 3 days MAXIMUM at this potency, in this order and then stop

      • Optimal Vitamin D/K2 – 2000 IU  - (half a tablet), dissolve in a small amount of water. Swish, and then hold. Then Swallow

      • Optimal Vitamin C  1 tsp 3 – 5 x day taken through-out  the day at regular intervals

      • Optimal Vitamin A drops 50,000 – 100,000 IU, by mouth and hold – these drops are 5000 IU, so you need 10 – 20 drops.  Hold and swish all around the mouth. Then swallow.

      • Optimal Zinc Lozenge End with 1. Suck for a bit if you can tolerate. If you cannot. Chew well, then swallow.

The residual oil will protect your oral mucosa for quite some time.  Implement if you travel by plane or connect with someone who is sick.  Try if start to sicken. It’s amazing for sore throats. You’ll be better in no time. And finally, be sure to pick up some of our probiotic Spores, the latest research backed products for repairing the gut. Microbiome Labs, originally, was a research company hired by supplement companies to make formulas. Frustrated by their clients lack understanding and the need to use clinical data to make great probiotics they felt that they needed to do it themselves.  The microbiologist and chiropractor team discovered a ”missing link” of bacillus spores – nobody was using these until research revealed them to be a key part in boosting gut health which in turn boost boosts both brain and immune system health.  The spores are also great for any kinds of gut infection. They also have a Vitamin K2 supplement which is key for gut, brain, heart and endocrine health. We can test the resonance of these and your existing supplements with our bioresonance machines. Here’s to staying healthy.  What are you doing to support your body during this challenging time?  How can we help you?

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